1975 VW Kombi Food Truck

- 1500 rectified gasoline engine + Electronic ignition
- Steering and Suspension revised front
- 2 Wheel sets (original w / hubcap + castelinho wheels)
Rear seats (without upholstery)
- Roof rack + window curtains
- Interior floor covered with rubber carpet
- Functional electric w / new battery
- Complete kit with ice extraction of draft beer
- 6 ways of Belgian Taps
- 40m stainless steel streamers
- Retractable awning
- 2 CO2 cylinders discharged
- Capacity for 500 liters
- Internal joinery: counter with two drawers, raised floor and side protection with pallets.
- 1 Easel
- 2 Folding wooden chairs
- 1 shelf with three shelves
- 1 removable side table


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