1987 VW Food Truck

Among the kitchen equipment, the main equipment stands out; * Two-bowl flex fryer, (flex = can be connected to gas or electric) has 3500w of power in each head* Tedesco 8mm plate BG102 with 3 burners* Hood with new high speed extractor and reversing key. * Metallic gas hose (fire brigade requirement) * Several internal sockets * Stainless steel control door 100cm * Internal and external LED lighting with excellent light intensity * 3 emergency luminaires * Window where it serves customers has a damper opening. In this window there is also a workbench for placing snacks * Interior of the foodtruck all lined in stainless steel (according to sanitary surveillance) * Many cabinets and shelves inside the kitchen in addition to having a very spacious trunk and also with stainless steel shelf. * Sink with faucet and built-in water tank, it also has a sewage box with the same proportion. New VW 1600 engine (rectified at 5,000 km) Suspension was changed at 5,000km, all with invoices to prove it. Mile headlights with grille, ignition blocking alarm, smoked rain gutter.


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