1992 VW Food Truck

Ready to work * New paint * New tires, new step * Custom upholstered cabin * Interior of the kitchen all in brushed stainless steel * Retractable articulated awning * Sprinter air conditioning * 1 gas stove 8 burners * Double-acting frezzer (frezzer or refrigerator) coated in stainless steel * Three suspended stainless steel shelves * 1 suspended stainless steel cabinet * TV support * 1 extractor hood * 50 liters tank of clean water * Sewer box 40 liters * 2 stainless steel cabinets (It fits a lot) * Sink with 1 tub and a tap * Paper towel holder * Built-in led lighting and led strips. * Reservoir for 2 cylinders 13 kg external * 1 gas cylinder


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