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Split Windows

VW Bus

1970, clean, 30k km, just serviced

VW Bus

1975, Kombi, restored

VW Bus

1974, 33k km, 100% Original - Impeccable - Factory invoice - Original keys - Owner's Manual - 

1968, 1,500cc, Original Steering Wheel w / Horn Button, engine serviced, original manual

1975, 1600cc Dual Carb, 36k km, great condition 

1973, 85k km, great condition

1970, New Engine, Restored and in excellent condition

1979, 100k km, all original, never restored, good condition

VW Bus

1973, same owner 45 years, engine overhauled, very clean, no rust

1975, Fully restored and in excellent condition

VW Bus

1974, fully serviced, new leather interior, 59k km 

VW Bus

1974, restored to the smallest details. Everything original bought at Volkswagen. Red leather 

Kombi 1.jpg

1975, fully restored, excellent condition

1970, Ragtop, Right hand drive, full restoration, excellent condition

VW Bus

1974, clean, 61k km 

1975, 12k km, excellent condition

VW Bus

1970, no rust, very clean, bumpers painted to match color, excellent condition

VW Split Window

1973, 1500cc, 42k km, just serviced

1971,Fully restored, excellent condition

VW Bus

1971 Restored, 6 Doors / Safari front windows / Samba side windows / Roof rack / leather

1970, full restoration, new red leather front seats, wood interior, excellent condition

1973, Full Restoration, New Engine, Used for weddings, 

Excellent Condition

1968, 1,500cc, Original Steering Wheel w / Horn Button, engine serviced, original manual

1971, Full restoration, excellent condition

VW Bus

1971, never restored, Original tapestry and paint, Original locking differential, owner manual

VW Bus

1974, completely redone, paint, mechanical, electrical, upholstery

VW bus

1972, fully restored, upholstered ceiling with thermal insulation, 73k km

VW Bus

1971, No rust, fully restored

Kombi 3.jpg

1970, 6 doors, fully restored, excellent condition

1974, new engine, needs some body work


1974, restored, only 2 front seats

1973, 36k km, Restored, and in excellent condition

Bay Windows

1990, 1700cc, new engine, new clutch, 9 passenger, cargo, disc brakes 

1990, 1600cc, cargo, new engine, clutch, brakes, and tires

VW Bus

1990, 1600cc, just serviced and detailed, needs nothing, ready for travel

VW Bus

1991, cargo, very well conserved, 1600cc, ready for work

VW Bus

1979, 1600cc, Upholstery, suspension, steering, engine, restored. With matte black Hella headlight

VW Bus

1979, 1600cc, 200k km, clean, just serviced

VW Bus

1994,1600cc, fully restored, new engine, new tires, new seats, needs nothing

1995, 65k km, 1600cc dual carb, excellent condition

1976, 180k km on chassis, full nut and bolt restoration, no rust, new engine, new suspension, 100%

1994, 1600cc, Dual Carb, 153k km, serviced, new leather seats, tires, and lnterior led lighs

VW Bus

1987,New whole engine New steering, tire and clutch kit Completely renovated upholstery, bluetooth, 

1980, 83k km, 1600cc, serviced, clean and original 

VW Bus

1991, 1600cc, 141k km, All original and in excellent condition with no rust

VW Bus

1986, new engine, 1600c dual carb, new exhaust, new leatherseats, cargo, alarm, disc brake 

1982, 1.6L Turbo Diesel,100k km, new michelin tires, alarm, exhaust, suspension, cargo

1989, new paint, reupholstered seats, new curtains, engine just serviced, 100k km

1994, 125k km, 1600cc dual carb, new suspension. tires, suspension

VW Bus

1988, 1600cc, 34k km, excellent condition, needs nothing

1990, 95k km, no rust, fully serviced and conserved, needs nothing

VW Bus

1983, 1600cc, 112k km, ENGINE, SHIFT, SUSPENSION, BRAKES AND CLUTCH WITH 11,000 KMS, sound system,  

VW Bus
VW Bus
VW Bus
VW Bus

1994, 100k km, 1600cc, new seats, just serviced 

1978, 230k km, 1600cc dual carb,600 air motor with double carburation. New engine, brakes, and clutch

1989, 1600cc Dual carb, 90k km, just serviced, needs nothing

1991, 75k km,1600cc, new seats, interior led lighting, fully serviced

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 10.59.47



1973, fully built, long bed, excellent condition

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 3.36.59 PM.png

1983, 1.8 Ap Engine, 100k km, long bed, well kept 

1982, 78k km, New Diesel Pump, Revised Engine,New Brakes New Suspension, New Shock Absorber, New

1971, New Engine, Fully Restored, Excellent Condition

1976,1,600 engine with double carburation and electronic ignition;
Revised brakes;100k km

1975, Fully Restored, Excellent Condition

1974, 90k km, serviced and well kept

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 3.38.14 PM.png

1973, 70k km, excellent condition

1982, 29,177 km, double cab 1600cc, all original

1975, just serviced, good working condition


1993, 50k km, 1600cc 

1984, 65k km, All new interior
20" Wheels Semi-new tires

Very good paint! Perfect engine!
Very good brakes!

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 3.37.54 PM.png

1982, 29,177 km, double cab 1600cc, all original


1987 149,000 km Original

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 3.38.42 PM.png

1982, 140k km, diesel, great condition

1987, new engine, restored, power locks, electric windows, sounds system


1982, 1800cc Accompanies 2 sets of wheels rim 17 and rim 14 original! New tires all overhauled! Pioneer multimedia + reverse camera


1976,New engine and battery

1989, 1600cc, new engine

1983 Diesel Kombi, 100k km, new tires, new battery, good mechanics


1.83 original 1.600 engine, 100k km


1989, with 63,000Kms., 1,600 dual carb, electric steering, original VW sport steering wheel, new tires, original hubcaps and stainless steel rims, sound system, body in galvanized iron and new wood,


1994, 100k km, 1600cc, new seats, just serviced 

1980, new tires battery, brakes, 89k km


1991, 1600cc, 88k km. just serviced

1976, Engine: 1500, overhauled New brakes,New front tires, rear half-life Custom internal (aluminum door and glove box liners, dashboard lining etc.) New Battery 

1983 DOUBLE CABIN, New 1.8 AP Engine, NEW TIRES

1982, kombi double diesel cabin, completely sealed, all original bodywork, new engine suspension, , and 4 new tires

1983, 85k km, Engine revised, New carburetor, New clutch Revised brakes New alternator New battery New suspension leather seats,New roof lining Internal finish on floor made with high resistance rubber, Deck made in CUMARU wood body


1973, engine 100% New upholstery refurbished Body

1982,New paint, new upholstery, original Goodyear 185 / R14 tires, new body, electric steering, IRON FORT gearbox, Revised electric, revised suspension, brake system,48k km

1979, 1600CC, new engine

1983,Kombi diesel double cabin, new engine Brakes and suspension all new Cooling system, tires, Hydraulic steering, Glass and electric locks

1990, 92k km, car was restored, all disassembled, new ratchet suspension, Porsche 17 wheels, chrome bumpers, and new GTI style upholstery, injected foam, multimedia


1993, 140k km, clean and ready for work

1994, 100k km, 1600cc, new seats, just serviced 


1975, 22k km, excellent condition


1987, new engine, restored



Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 6.09.07 PM.png

1974, VW Sp2, AP 2.0 Swapped, Turbo, new suspension, only 2k km on the build, 4 disc brakes, nitrous, great condition

1975 VW Sp2, 89k km, Original engine and interior, Excellent Condition

sp2 5.jpg

1974 VW SP2, New engine, Great condition

tl 1600 2.jpg

1971 VW 1600 TL Fastback, 112k km, serviced, Porsche wheels, great condition

1994 VW 1600 Variant, New engine, Excellent Condition

1976 VW SP2, New Engine, Excellent Condition

sp2 3.jpg

1973 VW SP2, New Engine, Fully Restored, Excellent Condition

1976 VW SP2, Engine Rebuilt, Owners Manual, Great Condition

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 6.08.47 PM.png

1975 VW Sp2, newly restored, Excellent Condition

1972, VW Sp2, 80k km, Original Interior and body, no rust, excellent condition

sp2 4.jpg

1974 VW SP2, New engine, brakes, and tires,great condition

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 6.09.43 PM.png

1973. VW Sp2, 31k km, CD Player, Power Windows, new leather seats, just serviced

1973 VW TL 1600 Fastback, New Engine, suspension, tires, Excellent Condition


1974 VW Brasilia, 75k KM, new suspension,canvas roof, excellent condition

1969 VW 1600 Sedan, "Coffin Joe" All original, 40k km, Excellent Condition

TL 1600 fast.jpg

1973 VW TL 1600 Fastback, New Engine, Great Condition


1977 VW Brasilia, 78K Km, electric windows, CD player, KR Aro 17 Nova sports wheels and New tires, SP2 gearbox, new 1600 engine

tl .jpg

1973 VW TL 1600 Fastback, 100% original, 68k km. Excellent Condition


1973 VW 1600 Variant, 100% original, 133k km, Excellent Condition

VW Buggy.jpg

1965 VW Buggy, New 1.8 AP Engine, Great Condition